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Published Feb 05, 23
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Fascination About Today's Mortgage Rates: Compare Current Interest Rates

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This means that, if you used the VA loan to purchase your home and then later decide to sell it, the new buyer can simply take over the mortgage rather than having to get financing themselves. Keep in mind, the person who would assume the mortgage must qualify to take over the loan.

In the past, there were limits on the dollar amount allowed on a VA loan: capped at $144,000. Now, eligible servicemembers, veterans, and survivors with “full entitlement” no longer have a limit. They’ve never used the VA home loan benefit before A previous VA loan was paid in full and the home was sold The property with the home loan benefit was foreclosed upon or had a compromise claim/short sale, and the VA has been paid in full Although the VA provides plenty of benefits through its home loan guarantee program to make it easier for eligible veterans to qualify for a mortgage, homebuyers still need to meet certain guidelines.

Now, what about getting the best rates? First, VA mortgage loan rates are typically better than what you can get with other home loan types. The annual percentage rate (APR)—a metric that combines the interest rate charged with the annual cost of borrowing funds—may already be lower than with a traditional loan.

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Sometimes, sub-standard credit scores can prevent a loan from being approved. With some lenders, it can lead to a higher interest rate being charged. Remember that, at SCCU, we don’t increase your VA Home Loan rate because of your credit score. If the score meets the minimum qualification for approval, then you get the same rate as someone else approved for a VA loan with a higher score.


No matter the year, improving credit scores always involves making your monthly payments on time. Setting up automatic payments from your savings or checking account can ensure that you don’t miss a forgotten payment. If any debt is in collections, it’s a good idea to get that taken care of as soon as possible.

You will have to do this at all three credit bureaus, as they don’t share information with each other (refinance rates). Because the average age of your credit history is a factor in credit score algorithms, it’s typically best to keep accounts open even after you’ve paid off a balance. Limit how many times you apply for new credit, too, especially if the financial institution where you’re applying does a hard inquiry on your credit.

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It can help to have a responsible mix of revolving credit (such as credit cards) and installment loans (such as a car loan and/or a personal loan). When you do this and continue to make all payments on time while managing your credit utilization rate, this indicates an ability to manage multiple types of credit well.


Take a look at this article to understand common scams. As your credit scores increase, this can make it more likely that a lender will approve your mortgage loan application. If a VA loan wasn’t approved because of a debt-to-income ratio (or credit scores that are less than ideal because of late or missed payments), then creating and managing a budget can help you get better prepared for another loan application and approval.

What is a VA loan?

A VA loan is a mortgage loan that is guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). It is designed to help veterans, active duty military members, and surviving spouses purchase homes.

Who is eligible for a VA loan?

Eligibility for a VA loan is determined by the VA and is based on the borrower's military service. Generally, veterans, active duty military members, and surviving spouses are eligible for a VA loan.

What are the benefits of a VA loan?

The main benefit of a VA loan is that it does not require a down payment. Additionally, VA loans have more lenient credit and income requirements compared to conventional loans, and they do not require private mortgage insurance.

How much can I borrow with a VA loan?

The VA sets a maximum loan amount for each county in the United States. The maximum loan amount varies depending on the county and the cost of living in that area.

What is a VA funding fee?

The VA funding fee is a one-time fee that is charged to veterans who use a VA loan to purchase a home. The fee is used to offset the cost of the VA loan program and is based on the type of loan and the borrower's military category.

How do I apply for a VA loan?

To apply for a VA loan, you will need to complete a VA loan application and provide the VA with documentation of your military service and income. You will also need to find a lender that participates in the VA loan program.

What are the interest rates for VA loans?

Interest rates for VA loans are determined by the lender and can vary depending on the lender and the market conditions. VA loan interest rates are typically lower than those for conventional loans because the VA guarantees a portion of the loan.

Check around to see what’s available, and be sure to compare APRs to ensure you’re getting the best deal for your situation. mortgage history. The interest rate is the percentage that will be charged on the principal balance of a loan while the APR represents the interest rate plus the costs of funds over a year’s time, which would include fees and other costs.

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So, when you compare interest rates, also get more information about the fees charged, loan terms available, the type of customer service provided, and so forth. In other words, interest rates are an important thing to compare, but they’re not the only thing. The goal of this post is to help you get the most favorable VA mortgage rates and overall loan terms possible, so it makes sense to explore credit union programs.

As a not-for-profit organization, a credit union continually looks for the best ways to offer value to its members. This typically means higher interest rates on savings and checking accounts and the lowest rates on loans, including mortgages. It typically means lower fees, as well. Credit unions are made up of members who pool their money together, typically to serve people in a geographic region or in a certain profession.

In addition, credit unions strive to promote financial wellness with a variety of helpful tools and resources. Take a look at our website to find plenty of information about our VA mortgage rates and terms. For even more information, you can get in touch with us here by phone, Live Chat on our website, Whats, App, or even schedule an in-branch appointment, and a Team Member will be more than happy to help.

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We began with 28 members and $372 in assets. Now, more than 70 years later, we’re Florida’s third largest credit union with more than $7 billion in assets. We serve those who live or work in these counties. See all of our branch locations here. Our brand promise is Honest People.

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